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KOKOLU’s mission is to assist in and enhance the harmonious coexistence of humans with and in nature by making the most sustainable products.

From the materials through the production process, KOKOLU has been working to offset our carbon footprint. We want to be a part of your low-carbon lifestyle. We are committed to helping to protect our planet by making products that originate from nature and integrate back into nature.

By working with the world’s top material suppliers and the New Material R&D Center, we can make eco-responsible shoes, and we are dedicated to continually exploring new possibilities to be even better. With 100% eco-friendly “greenKsoleTM” outsoles, 100% sustainable upper, and 100% biodegradable packaging, KOKOLU is actively changing trends towards a better and healthier earth.

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Today we are proud to introduce our Velvet Series for your summer vacation. Used to be reserved for the royal family, velvet material has always been classy and precious. We reinvented velvet and make it 100% sustainable. Made from 7 recycled plastic bottles, KOKOLU Velvet material is rich in cultural connotation and have fantastic functional design possibilities. Casual luxury looks, comfortable feels, and eco-friendly designs. The Velvet Series is the everyday sneaker that complements your personal style, from special occasion gowns to casual outfits.

This summer, share our story with your friends, spread the sustainability concept, and join us for a greener future of our own!

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