KOKOLU - We Made Velvet Luxurious Sneakers.

We had a vision from the start that every woman can owns her everyday sneaker with Luxurious looks, Comfortable feels and Eco-friendly designs. A luxurious sneaker helps thousands of women to have the courage to embrace a new life and a new themselves. Be real, be free. 

Through thousands of design researches, we found that the Velvet materials are both having fantastic functional design possibilities and rich in cultural connotation.We saw the colorful future of brand new trends which lead by Velvet immediately.

Believing that Velvet will help us to make the vision became reality, we absorbed the traditional human craftsmanship and ancient clothing culture, commercialized the Velvet materials with modern Italian design and shoes-making techniques, thus our Velvet Design Style started.

Then it became KOKOLU.

Product Design Features

  • Crafted with high-end velvet with Italian design and ancient craftsmanship
  • The surface is easy to clean and friendly to your skin
  • Velvet special design laces
  • Cushioned insole with extra softness
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly sole made with natural recyclable rubber
  • Special outsole KOKOLU logo pattern design
  • Our Shoes are made with Ortholite TM insoles. The lightweight, extra soft, resilient, non-toxic, and odorless super material. With extra softness and breathability, we defined the feeling of wearing a pair of KOKOLU as “walking barefoot on the cloud”
  • We are committed to producing the least possible plastic waste and avoiding as much as possible non re-usable, non-recyclable materials. Our packaging is made of recycled biodegradable paper, it is plastic free.